Alazar Asmamaw

Alazar is a principal at MPWR Capital Management, a private investment company founded on value investing principles. It focuses on microcap companies in the IT/Cyber Security and Facility Services industries that support Fortune 500 Companies and federal, state, and local government agencies.

Alazar’s track record includes investing in and helping operate a small parking and transportation company and scaling it by increasing revenue by 20X and the workforce by 15X within five years with capital from his personal balance sheet. In the real estate space, Alazar has partnered with an opportunistic fund, has taken 18 sub-institutional multi-family investments from acquisition through exit, and has built a $10M multifamily RE portfolio in a buy-and-hold platform. Alazar is well networked in the microcap and minority founders’ community through high-profile organizations (YPO, Goldman Sachs’ 10 thousand Small Businesses, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur Access Network, NMSDC).
Alazar also sits on the board of MOSB (Minority Owned Small Businesses Task Force), which is part of DGS (Department of Government Services) committee. These vast networks provide Alazar with the unique opportunity to source potential acquisitions organically.
Alazar’s successful track record and personal financial independence allow him to align his interests with his limited partners by investing alongside them, enabling him to be a great steward of capital by investing selectively.
Alazar received a Bachelor of Science in Corporate and Real Estate Finance from California State University Long Beach and completed UCLA’s Investment and Real Estate Finance extension program, CORe, and Alternative Investments programs at Harvard Business School.